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Being in business without having considered the risks you’re exposed to, and without the appropriate protection in place, is like walking a high wire without a safety net !  

For example, the loss of a business owner, co-shareholder or key employee due to long-term ill-health or premature death can have serious consequences for the business and also the families concerned, leading to emotional turmoil and financial ruin.

Whilst most of us don’t really want to have to think about these things, particularly when things are going well, it makes good business sense to plan for every eventuality and to protect yourself financially.

SME Succession provides you with the safety net you need to safeguard your business and ensure your continued financial security.

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 Shareholder Protection 

Protect your share of the business

and those around you. Learn how Shareholder Protection can bring peace of mind to businesses partners.

 Key Person Insurance 

Key person insurance pays out a benefit that’s equivalent to the contribution to profits that the key person would have made,

 SME Benefits Plan 

A flexible benefits plan that provides business owners and their families with additional financial security and peace of mind.


With your help, we’ve reduced the level of risk in our business and we are now far better placed for the future.






John has demonstrated that he’s credible, capable, experienced and has a real interest in my business.


 John really helped me understand what I needed to do to secure my business and income. I would highly recommend him to any business owner.



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